Project Proposal – Difficult Customers

I work in retail and I experience a lot of difficult customers. I aim to create this scenario training module easy to use and helpful to anyone in a position who deals with customers day to day. I never received any training regarding difficult customers and over time it because experience of how to handle these people.

This training module will help anyone who has not received sufficient training regarding difficult customers. Feedback is available for the incorrect answers, but it also justifies why it was wrong.

This Training program will be made in PowerPoint, and depending on time spend on the presentation I will be able to import It into Camtasia.

The main core topic is, difficult customers but on a level of representing companies and dealing with warranty issues, which plaque the workplace everyday when working in a retail industry.

Remember take your time, take in as much as you can. Be nice and polite don’t loose your cool and try and rectify the situation as quickly as possible.